Personalized Prescription Pads for Medical Professionals

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While most of the time, Palm Beach doctors have prescription pads given to them by a clinic or an office, those who want to start their own medical practice need a different approach. With the help of Dataprint, doctors and other medical professionals can find the supplies they need to help patients maintain good health.

RX Pads – More Than Just Pills

Prescription pads allow physicians to distribute medications in a safe and controlled manner. By writing out the details of the prescriptions, a doctor is able to make sure their patient has the pills they need for immediate and chronic conditions.

RX pads also allow Palm Beach patients the chance to recall other pieces of important information, including:

  • Office phone number
  • Office RX number
  • Office address
  • Other office contact information
When a patient or the pharmacist has a question about a prescription, all the information they need is on the prescription, ready to be used.
Contact Dataprint today to find out more about how medical offices can turn prescription pads into more than just relief.

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