Branded Wearables

Top Quality. Great Value
With a choice of lines ranging from corporate to performance sportswear, you can take care of your entire list with one stop. When you need the ultimate in quality and service, choose DataPrint of Palm Beach

With wearables, you can design advertisements that subtly, yet effectively, display your company brand.  From t-shirts to hats and more, your corporate logo can be a part of your everyday wear, allowing you to spread the word about your company, no matter where you are. Providing high-quality apparel to sales reps is a great way to get your marketing message across to clients and prospects. Sales reps appreciate the gift and will wear the clothing on sales calls, boosting your firm’s profile around town and with customers.

Imagine walking around town with your company logo and contact information on your shirt.  Not only is this a good conversation starter, but you will also be able to display your company details, no matter what the occasion.  When you hand out these wearables to your employees, you will have the ability to reach more customers in your local area, and tell them what services and products you have to offer.

With Dataprint wearables, you can choose from a wide variety of wearable designs, and then add your company design to ensure your message is spread far and wide. Contact us today!