Laser Checks

Laser checks are necessary when you want to ensure the safety of your business.  With the threat of identity theft on businesses’ minds, you need to have cutting edge technology for your checks.  These checks will be customized to your business’ needs, while also helping to create a consistent image for your company.

With laser checks, you can use checks that continue to spread the word about your company.  You will include the ‘normal’ check information, but a colorful design or background can allow you to show others who you are and how you can be contacted for more details.

Contact Dataprint today to find out more about laser checks and how they can help you pay the bills and spread the word.

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  1. 30 March 11, 11:32pm

    […] Checks meet every required standard so never worry about bank issues. And Business Laser Checks can be branded and customized to maintain your business image or, order them in a variety of […]