Pressure Sensitive Labels

If you need a label to stick to a product, pressure sensitive labels are the right fit for you.  These labels will attach to your product with a strong adhesive that only gets stronger the more pressure you apply.  When you need to identify the contents of your product or list the ingredients, these pressure sensitive labels can do the job.

We can help you customize your labels to be easy to read and powerful for customers.  When your products are sitting on the shelves, they need to stand out from the rest.  We will help you design pressure sensitive labels that convey your company’s logo, brand, and message, helping to build a strong presence no matter where the item might be placed.  You can easily attached these labels to your products and have them on hand when you need to send out a new shipment.

Contact Dataprint today to find out how we can help you with your pressure sensitive labels needs.  You need your message to stick – and we can help.