Training Manuals

Training manuals are essential when you want to create consistent work flow and set of processes.  To make a training manual effective, not only does it have to include accurate information, but it also needs to be arranged in a pleasing manner.  After all, if the employee doesn’t want to read it, it’s not going to help them the tasks they have to perform daily.

Our training manual options include:

  • Full-service bindery department
  • Optional full-color front and back covers
  • Index tabs
  • Color copy pages to be inserted
  • Design and document creation

From designing to printing, we can help you create training manuals that can be ready for new employees now or they can be printed on demand, depending on your company’s needs.  New employees will find pride in their new company as they see the care you have taken in creating their training manual.

Contact Dataprint today to find out more about how you can design training manuals that not only teach, but they also impress those who are being taught.

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  1. 27 April 11, 7:44pm

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